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About Jess


Hi, thanks for stopping by!

My name is Jessica Hernandez, and I am the force behind Red's Cake! I am a 32 year old New York City native looking to leave a sweet imprint on the world-one cupcake at a time :) 

I started baking about 10 years ago as a hobby, but found an actual love for the craft while I was in college for Hospitality Management. I ended up majoring in Pastry Arts and graduating with honors, moving into the workforce as a manager for multiple pastry shops around the city. As time passed, I realized that I have a real ambition for entrepreneurship so with a little support from friends, in 2017 Red's was born!

 Running a business is hard, running it as a one woman show is harder, but because of all of you- it is always worth it. Thank you for all the love and support, and thank you for walking this journey with me- I look forward to continuing this path with all of you, because the best has yet to come!

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